frequently asked questions

best storage practices?
store treats in a sealed container in a cool, dark dry place. with oilier treats (such as smelt, salmon, duck hearts), place in refrigerator or freezer.

if you live in hotter weather, place treats in refrigerator or freezer for maximum freshness. 

always look out for condensation in packaging! 

still need help with figuring out best storage practices? send us a message and we'll help you!

ingredients sourced?
our sources vary! we source locally as best as we can and are all USDA certified. whether it's directly from a farm or a local farmer's market, we choose our vendors carefully and thoughtfully. 

how can we order custom treats/packs/labels?
although we can't guarantee depending on stock or scheduling, drop us a message with the details. 

when's your next pop-up?
give us a follow on instagram and we'll post our latest updates there!

do you still provide local pick-up?
yes! if you check out, there is a pick-up option.